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Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

Product Management is an exercise in ability to create and maintain connections and feeling empathy with the people involved is what makes us successful.

Additionally, insight into business practices in different locations and cultures was always my passion. I have always liked to travel or learn about places where my products are being used, which helps communicate a complete user story. When on a business trip, I make a point not just to spend all day in the meetings, observing the usage of my products or creating endless PowerPoint presentations. I also like to take the time to know my customers, their environment, and culture in general. This exercise does not just make more precise user stories, it makes better products and more successful customers. This exercise makes me a better human being.

Who are your main influences?

Fuchan Yuan, Cha’n Master, once said that there are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity, and courage. There are many leaders that exhibit these behaviors.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your profession?

My advice: Know your people.
Who are your people?
Your team members: Get to know your engineers, product managers, marketers, sales, and business leaders.
Customers: Get to know the product users, decision makers, business owners.
What makes them happy, what drives their lives, and what are they really good at?

Describe a time when things changed radically for you at work. How did you navigate that change?

Company I worked for (Intermec) was acquired by larger company (Honeywell) resulting in major disruption and uncertainty. I viewed this as an opportunity to grow in a few ways:
1. Learn more about different industries as Honeywell was much larger corporation. Eventually I moved to Honeywell Building Technologies.
2. Gain new customers by implementing the “Buy Honeywell” program, which involved selling our products (bar code printers) to a variety of different Honeywell divisions worldwide.
3. Meet new people. Through different corporate events, I gained visibility into a variety of cultures and people that were all part of Honeywell corporation and various customer bases.

Describe a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty to get your job done.

As I stepped in to rescue a project developing the Honeywell mobile printers RP Series, we had to establish a really aggressive timeline to deliver in order to recover management and customer trust. We had to work Saturdays and Sundays and adjusted our work hours to be reachable for development conducted in different time zones. When key deliverables were being finished in our Chinese engineering facility in Suzhou, our global team located all around the world had to adjust their working hours to be “on hand” to make the right decisions at the same time as our Chinese colleagues were finalizing their design.

Describe a challenging project that pushed you to come up with new and different solutions.

Changing direction in the middle of the project is never easy. I faced cost challenges when a product being designed was becoming too expensive, and I had to force teams to change strategy and use a totally different low-cost platform to build upon. By using proven lower cost base platform and accelerated pre-alpha, alpha and beta customer validations, we were able to meet our cost targets, customer requirements, and time for launch.



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I had the privilege of hiring Alex at Intermec Technologies to lead our largest and most profitable printer product line for the last 6 years. I consider him a uniquely capable Product Leader. Certainly, the strongest Industrial Printer product manager in the industry. Of course, Alex has all the trademark characteristics of a great product leader – he is curious, humble, hardworking, insightful, strategic and has a high financial IQ. He also has a broad range of expertise, enabling him to perform at a high level throughout the product life cycle from early concept through end of life. What separates Alex from other great product leaders is his deep understanding of global cultures and markets, and his exceptional ability to make complex things simple, and his consistent delivery of results. I would hire Alex again to lead an important product family or team.

Tom Roth, Chief Marketing Officer, Fluke Corporation

Aleksandar Babic had nearly a decade of experience in Burma, serving as a senior diplomat. His responsibilities extended across all fields, great preparation for his decades of work with the technology firm, Intermec/Honeywell, as global product manager. As a director on the board of Nargis Library Recovery, a charity created after Cyclone Nargis devastated lower Burma, he engendered enthusiasm and commitment among other directors. We met our goal of one million books donated to over 900 libraries throughout Burma/Myanmar, in no small part because of his knowledge and support.

John Badgley, Executive Director, Institute of the Rockies

I worked closely with Alex on a day-to-day basis. He was extremely professional, dedicated, and timely. He consistently delivered high quality and innovative work. Alex has always had his ear towards what the market is saying and provides products/services to meet those needs. He ultimately was responsible for launching and managing some of the bestselling products at Intermec Technologies Corporation. I would happily work with Alex again and recommend him to any company wanting to produce first-rate products – before the competition has the chance to catch up.

Andre Jensen, CEO, Agencia Inbound